JUNE 2016



There is a place close to the sea, in the Valley of Meruelo, land of masters of the stone and illustrious bells, where a group of people have decided to live in community, as it was done in the past ... they have reached a beautiful and gentle slope of exciting views and there you want to stay.
They understand that daily mutual help, establishing social bonds and collaborative organization is not at odds with the moments of privacy we all need, there is space for everyone and everything.
Their way of understanding life makes them want to respect each other, but also the ground they tread, in communion with the environment, the house is landscape of comfort, the roof is plant extension and natural shelter from the north winds ... those that come from Noja, sending cold.
The territory is raked looking for a place to settle, learn from the past and the immediate landscape, where rural domestic techniques still have presence. The stone walls were then used to delimit the land for agricultural purposes and these were the artificial interventions that stood out in the territory; Transforming the natural topography into a series of habitable plateaus.

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