INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION. Renovation of the palace of the Duke of Infantado.

Moments for history, Mahou moments.
John Ruskin, 1819-1900, argued that the objects of the past were carriers of their own story, whereas the ruins-historical buildings should be preserved intact, without any intervention. While for coetaneo Viollet - le-Duc, 1814-1879, there was no doubting displayed when nullify the effects of time, freeze the history.etc
For a company like Mahou that represents the fusion of tradition with the technical edge in a heritage context as the Duke's Palace of the Infantry, is not making distorted reconstructions of past or recreate a patina of tradition, if not reach consensus honesty with space found and alignment with the new and future life of the building. Maintain differentiation of the findings and functionally necessary without being a gesture of appreciation of offal and unusable remnants of history, but a start list of those material elements that connect us with the space of the past and a unique way and staff communicating the values ​​of the company Mahou.

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