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Intervención a pequeña escala. VERTICAL LILONG. Plan B, “City Above the City”. Metsä Wood’s competition. 


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On a sunny day, every household dries their laundry in the air, both convenient and energy-saving.

Cobblers, moving vendors and other business often set up a stall at Longtang entrance where everyone must pass-by. There are also shops inside the Lilong even in some case can find hotels.

Flowers and plants show the leisure life of the neighborhood.


'Plan B' preserve the wonderful and unique idiosyncrasy of Shanghainese's style of living.
It is possible to save the existing houses increasing the number of these in the chosen area (The proposal show the increment of 147 units) growing the number of storey (following a growth pattern based on the sunlight, natural ventilation and privacy for better adaptation to climate of the environment and reduce energy consumption). Is is a determinant factor the fact that the Lilong essence has to be preserved vertically: saving the community spaces where the daily chores take place, where neighbor gather to cook, play, talk... share their life.

Lilong housing, an urban legacy, has been compromised by the mass urban redevelopment of the city that rendered Shanghai vulnerable to globalization at an unprecedented scale over the past 20 years.
Two out of three Lilongs in Shanghai, are being demolished. Vertical Lilong could become a 'Plan B' to stop it which Shanghai can resist the escape of cultural globalization.

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